Lighting Idea for ..

DHS has developed a comperehensive approach to offer you a full scope of solutons from consultancy to design, from design to rendering, from rendering to light plan, from light plan to product support and implementation in terms of interior environment, smart lighting and efficient lighting.

Lighting Control

Designing lighting control systems is an art and science in its own right. Considering how the lighting elements in a space will be controlled is an integral part of completing the lighting design through process. We believe that design of the lighting control systems should be treated similarly to the designing the light itself. The effects of dimming, mixing, fading and timing functions are the components that complete a lighting application.

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Smart Lighting

DHS combines controlling operational costs and energy consumption lighting to be more efficiently, improving maintenance and asset management and provides your lighting according to your selected scenes: from entertainment to night model

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Lighting Layout for Residential & Commercial

We create a clear, well-excuted light map with notes and descriptions to cater for luminaire, applications and control methods. This is wehere our design concepts start to become buildable. DHS helps our clients of "solving" the conceptual light map that has been created.

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Rendering and the Light Map

DHS rendering and the light map service expresses light ideas is to graphically represent light as light. We draw this light how we envision it, and where we envision it. We identify the surfaces and objects that we want bright, and we draw brightness onto it. Remember, DHS believe that light design is nothing more than successful application of the most appropriate type of light onto the most appropriate surface. We express the lighting layout of your residential or commercial projects yields more inspired and innoative designed on a rendering and the light map.

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Light Plan

Light plan includes the detail lighting calculations which can assist you in selecting lamps and luminaires when you are trying to obtain a specific lighting level. Lighting calculations also help you predict the light effect from the whole lighting plan we may get from a specific lighting scenario.

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Design and Product Support

DHS Lighting combines European thinking and Chinese efficiency to be designed for maximum

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